Gallstones Symptoms

Gallstones Symptoms

Symptoms of gallbladder problems typically start once the gall stones reach about 8 mm in size. A gallstone “attack”, also known as biliary colic, is when a person experiences strong pain in the upper abdomen that increases in intensity for approximately thirty minutes to several hours. A person may also experience back pain, typically between the shoulder blades, or pain under the right shoulder. Nausea and vomiting may occur. When a person tries to breathe in while the gall bladder is deeply palpated they will abruptly stop inhaling due to the pain caused by the inflammation of the gall bladder.

These gallstone attacks are sharp and intensely painful, similar to that of a kidney stone attack. Gall stone attacks often occur after an overly fatty meal and almost always occur at night. Other common symptoms include abdominal bloating, intolerance of fatty foods, belching, gas, and indigestion.

Consult other articles on this website for gallstones treatment and information on gallbladder surgery. There is no need to experience pain or bloating from gallstones when possibly a change to your diet or completing a gallstone flush can relieve symptoms in some cases in only a matter of hours. Expensive medical procedures are best kept as a last resort.

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